Ok, so before Winter is over, I wanted to share with you my updated make up routine that is great for rosacea, sensitive, oily and dry skin. Wait a minute! Is even that possible? Yes it is! And you are only going to need 5 products to achieve a porcelain look face! So keep up reading and find out how!

In my 10 years as a beauty blogger and in my +20 years as a make up foundation user, I have never came across a product that offered me so many benefits as Max Factor’s Lasting Finish. I must be honest, and this is the most important part of this review, because when I first tried it I really hate it! The foundation started to melt down on my face after an hour and my face looked so shiny and oily that I wanted to die, but then I remembered that I forgot to apply powder to set it. So, this is the magic word dears: POWDER, specially if you have oily skin.

On the other hand, if you have dry skin, Lasting Finish may work for you skipping this step. The texture of the foundation is so silky and hydrating and this why I think it does a good job with all types of skin because it is not specified neither on the bottle nor Max Factor website. And I also love that this is the first foundation EVER that I love applying with my fingers! Believe me, this is very good news to me since the texture of my skin is so dull that when trying the technique with other foundation the result is always horrible!

Since the tutorial is Spanish spoken, I will write here the routine: After applying my serum, hydrating cream and fps, I take my latex sponge and spritz it with toner or mist water to damp it in order to get a medium natural foundation coverage. Or as I mentioned above, I use my fingers to apply it. Then I put a little amount of Lasting Finish foundation (the size of a peanut for each side of my face: one for the cheek, one for the forehead and one for my nose and chin) and apply it with tapping movements so it covers my pores.

Then I take the same sponge and put some drops of liquid highlighter -I’ve been so obsessed with True Match Lumi in Rose by L’Oréal- and apply it over my cheekbones to achieve this healthy, sassy look. By doing this, I won’t mess with the texture I already obtained with the foundation, as opposite with powder blush.

The final step is setting the foundation with powder very well pressing the brush against the skin and focusing on the T zone. I highly recommend you use a colored powder because I have noticed that translucent powders enhance the shine on the face, and this will get notice if you take a selfie with flash. The day that happened, I used Make Up Forever Ultra HD Loose Powder, which is specially made for capturing the light on the skin.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Max Factor’s Lasting Foundation is a great product if you learn how to use it correctly. I would recommend using it during FW just if you have combination or oily skin. It comes in 8 shades that cover a wide range of skin tones. I’m using 106 Natural Beige, the tone number 6 and it’s still pretty fair. It won’t oxidize, so the tone will remain the same all day long. A very good choice for a low price! After all, it’s Max Factor baby!







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