To start this review, I must say that when it comes to add color to my lips, I likely tend to pick a nude color or a gloss. It is very weird to see me wearing a red or fucsia lipstick, basically because I just hate leaving the smudge all around my environment: my clothes, the napkin, the glass of water, etc. And then, your lips end feeling so cracky and dried out. I just hate that! And when it comes to long lasting lipsticks, they are also a bit uncomfortable to wear.

The Loaded Bolds Maybelline NY

So, when I received The Loaded Bolds collection by Maybelline NY, I was not really that excited, until I saw the blue and violet tones. I remember seeing these colors on their social media channels and I was willing to try out these crazy shades. And that was when I started to be really happy for finally having this collection. So, I started to play around with the colors and I was really impressed of how good they feel on my lips: the words are soft and hydrated. So I decided to film a tutorial to show you the swatches and my final thoughts.

Remember it is Spanish spoken, but the part of me applying the swatches is self explanatory so you can go ahead and play the video!. Before filming the video, me and my husband had dinner. I was wearing the Sapphire Siren tone. I immediately thought that by the time we finished dinner, the color was going to disappear but when I step into the bathroom to brush my teeth, oh my! the color was still there! I’m not gonna say it looked like when I first applied it but there was a pretty good amount of it, I could only add a balm or a lipgloss over and it would look amazing.

That was the moment when I happened to fall in love with The Loaded Bolds! It is so a bummer that for Mexico, there will be only 7 shades available. But in the United States you can find the 20 shades. I will leave the links below for you to fast shop online, just click on the pictures and that’s it!

FINAL THOUGHTS: I absolutely have no NO’s about this product. In my opinion, it is by far the best lipcolor collection Maybelline has come out with. I definitely recommend you get all the shades if possible! Love, Candy.


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