I’m so excited because Reebok gave the opportunity to a selected group of influencers to test the new Floatride running shoes. And I was one of them! 😀 These babies will be out for sale next April 10th and I’m here to tell ya that you definitely have to get your own pair because you will be able to improve your running time and increase your speed. It took 6 years to develop a prototype. Dan Hobson, VP of Innovations at Reebok and his team put a lot of effort and passion in this project.

Reebok Floatride review

They asked hundred of runners from all levels and ages, what would like to have in their running shoes and all of them responded: we want to feel like we are floating. For that, Reebook worked along with David Clark Co. the one that is in charge of designing the suits for the NASA and the factory that makes the Bra Cups. You read it well, Bras. This technology developed a prototype that provides support and a lightweight feel that translates into a springier sensation.

Reebok Floatride review

So, finally next April 10th, the world will have the opportunity to try the brand new Floatride themselves! I highly recommend these shoes, it will take your running experience to the next level! The seam-free one piece construction is engineered in zones to offer support and breathable flexibility. Also, the Floatride foam has a consistent cell structure that delivers the optimal mix of cushioning and responsiveness so you can float through your run. And finally, the supportive foam rim centers and balances your foot throughout the gait cycle.

Reebok Floatride review



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