I’m so excited to announce my very first collaboration with Ofra Cosmetics! I have been wanting to try the highlighters and long lasting lipsticks, which are the best sellers from the brand and now that they have on board a collection with NikkieTutorials, I wanted more that ever to put my hands over these babies. And finally, I have my bundle! I’ve been trying for a little bit right now and filmed a quick video with swatches and so far I’m loving it so much!

Feel free to watch the video but it is Spanish spoken. Here, I will leave some pictures and my final thoughts on wether it is worth it or not to buy it. Let me tell you, in advance, that it is totally worth it! Now, the launch of the bundle is sold out but Ofra is planning to re-launch the collection as individuals so you can pick your favorite lipstick according to the swatches and reviews offered in the YouTube universe.

I would say, that the four products are totally worth it! Although the Nude Potion tone is a bit light for some skin types, you can always wear it under or over a darker tone to create your personalized color. The formula of the lipsticks is amazing, it feels creamy, silky and comfy on the lips all day long. The may transfer a bit but the color stays for a long period.

Ofra Everglow Highlighter

As for the highlighter wheel. Oh my God! It’s so amazing! The formula is extra buttery and soft, you just need a bit of product to get a lot of pigmentation and it can be used as eyeshadow or over the lips to add shine or an ombré look. It is definitely a must! Love, Candy.

Buy Ofra x NikkieTutorials Collection here: http://rstyle.me/~9WdKB

In Mexico, buy it here: https://www.truemeecosmetics.com.mx/


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